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Happy Halloween!

We went to my grandmas house, to my mother's workplace, and around downtown for business trick or treating.
I made awesome costumes for my boys:Spongebob & PatrickCollapse )
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Thanks for Sharing!

Things I have fished out of the baby's mouth this week:
One Peanut
Three Raisins
One Star Wars Sticker
Part of One White Crayon
Wrapper from a Blue Crayon
Empty John Deere Fruit Snacks Packet
One Spongebob Squarepants Bandaid

I think most of those were "given" to him by his older brother.
At least we know he doesn't have peanut allergies.  *sigh*
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I love my child

So I got out my pump so I could nurse and pump, because Thursday night is MY night to go out and have fun and I wanted to have a bottle on hand just in case.
My almost three year old son saw me and said, "I pump TOO!"
And then he held his raggedy Andy up and breastfed him.Pix or it didn't happen.... :)Collapse )

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Oh dear, another geek

My son just asked me to tell him a story.
I said, "About what?"
He said.....
"About Skywalker!"

Ah, another geek in the world!  Very satisfying!
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So I'm awesomely ambitious today.  AND a super friend. 
I'm watching my two children (almost three years and almost 6 months) and I'm babysitting my friend's daughter, who is three.  For the whole day!  Let's hope no one dies (namely me, since there seem to be a lot of mean pirates around here, looking for treasure).
I have no idea how parents of twins do it. 
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My brother got hitched!

Well it's official -- Charlie and Jenn got married.  I'm so happy for the both of them. 

It was supposed to be rainy and hot.  I was pretty worried about the kids if the weather got TOO crappy.  It rained in the morning but it had cleared up and gotten pretty muggy by early afternoon.  The wedding itself was inside a really nice old church down in Coon Valley, but the reception was outside at Goose Island. 
It was REALLY humid when we left the church and drove to the reception.  Shortly after we got to the reception there was a quick cloudburst, and then the storm front came through, the temperature cooled off, and it got just BEAUTIFUL. 
Here's the happy bride and groom:

Lots of little kids for Emerson to play with, including his cousin Cameron (only six weeks older than him) and there's even a water pump right next to the shelter.  The boys got soaking wet, Emerson licked mud off his arm (ew ew ew ew), and Cameron's shorts got so water logged that they fell off. 

I mostly wore Elliott, he even fell asleep in the sling.  He was totally happy and I breastfed him during the ceremony, in church, which made me giggle.  He was such a good baby and everyone thought he looked fat and cheerful.  You can see the awesome storm clouds in the background of this photo:

The reception was at Goose Island, on the Mississippi River.  Ariel took the boys down to the water to go fishing, and I got some great photos of Emerson.  This is my favorite:

Shorly after that he managed to fall in, my cousin Lexie grabbed him first and then Jai was right there to pick him up.  It was in a spot where it gets deep quickly, so his feet were still touching but when he fell, his arms were too short to get his head above water.  I yelled.  I almost had a heart attack watching him try to get his head out.  When I related it to my mom, she said, "This is only the beginning, Amanda." 

My poor parents did WAAAY too much work for being the parents of the groom.  Looks like my brother has married into a totally unhelpful family.  :(  His bride is awesome but I was definitely NOT impressed by lack of help.  My poor mama was hauling picnic tables in her nice dress, while the bride's family played kickball and drank the beer that MY parents paid for, picked up, and hauled to the reception.  And at one point one of the bride's aunts said, "Oh, I almost feel guilty that you're doing all this work...."  and then laughed.  Ugh.  Luckily my mom told her off.  :)  If Mama hadn't, I would have. 

All in all though it was an awesome day, weather was beautiful, and I'm so happy for my brother. 

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My Two Little Men...

Hey all, just wanted to share how cute both my kids are.  ;)
Click for PhotoCollapse )
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He's here!

I think you all will have heard by now, but....

Elliott Thomas
born Feb. 18 at 7:39pm
7 lbs. 13 oz. - 19 3/4 inches

he's awesome, he's got tons of hair, labor went fantastic and we are doing really well.

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So I officially gave notice at my job yesterday.  I'll be leaving at the end of the month, in preparation for babe #2 to get here and to be a stay-at-home mom.... who works part-time of course, lol. 
After going through day-care costs and everything else, it just really didn't make sense for me to keep working at my current job.  I like it fine, but it's been really stressful lately. 
If all goes well, I'll have at least a few days before the babe is here to be at home and get some things ready.  And, you know, sleep.  ;)
Luckily my boss loves me.  She said she might have some part-time work for me, and I offered to come back part-time during the summer when there are TWO other women on maternity leave (there are only 8 people in the department) and a couple big vacations planned.  So that would be really nice.  
I feel like that's one more big thing that needed to happen.  Ahhh.... such a relief! 
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Apparently there was snow near my parents' land today.  SNOW! My dad stopped by this afternoon and told me.
What the heck happened to fall?
It can't possibly be winter yet.... I have to have this baby during winter.  And I am SOOO not ready for that. 

So what's everyone dressing up as for Halloween?  Or are we all too grown-up and mature for that?  I'm not... I'm working on a costume for work.  Unfortunately it has to be "appropriate" because customers can see me.  What a bummer. Most of the things I can come up with that involve a pregnant belly are, well... not appropriate. 
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